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I just noticed I got a ton of comments.  Did people find me through Saimain's contest, mayhaps?  I will have to go and read them all when I have the time.  I've been neglecting my account.  I suppose I'll have to update with more art at some point, hehe.  Well, the end of the semester is in a couple weeks, so that should free up some more time.  I'll have a lot of things to catch up on during the summer, but hopefully I will get a lot accomplished.
Finished uploading some pictures from my Drawing III class where we had a bit more freedom in what we chose to draw.
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I finished uploading all of my Figure Drawing I pieces.  I still have some quick sketches/gesture drawings that I will be uploading as scraps though.
Has it really been that long since I updated?  Need to work on that.  Still have a bunch more figure drawing pieces to upload.  Just recently finished taking Figure Drawing 2, so there will be even more to come.
Slowly adding pieces from the figure drawing class I took last year.  I'm currently taking another figure drawing class, and it's interesting how the way I see things and go about drawing has changed.
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Added some more drawings, including some from my sketchbook which I had forgotten about.
Added some more drawings from class.  And I made a deviantid.  Huzzah!  I have a couple other pieces from that class which I never finished shading, so I will likely finish those and post them when I can.
Just added some drawings I did in class last year.  Will be adding more of the same as I get around to it.
I just started a new gallery here at deviantart.  I'm going to upload some of my older pieces first.  Then we'll see if I can keep up with updates.  I'm a theatre and art student.  I draw, mainly with just pencil, but I also use colored pencil and charcoal, and occasionally ink or conte.  I'm also a writer.  I'll have to see if I end up posting some of my writing and poems.  I've made some icons too, mostly based on tv shows, music, and whatnot.  Mm... yep.  That's about it for now.